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1) Spamming is disallowed

What do we mean by spamming?

Spamming is the action of flooding the forums or users notifications with unwanted content.

This includes:
  • Necroposting
  • Bumping the same thread multiple times in a row, without other users participating
  • Posting many threads without any content
  • Posting the same thread or post over and over again
  • Intentionally posting content in the incorrect section

What do we mean by necroposting and why is it against the rules?

Necroposting, as it is commonly known, is the act of reviving an old thread. This means that we consider a post to be a necropost if it is made on an older and irrelevant thread. Typically threads will stop being relevant after a month of inactivity, and as such, you will need to confirm that the thread is still relevant before posting on it.

Necroposting is against the rules, as when a thread gets necroposted, it will be bumped to the top of the forums section, leading to the section becoming cluttered for other users who are looking for more recent discussions.

2) Media advertising restrictions

What do we mean by media advertising?

Social media advertising is making threads or posts that serve no other purpose except to get members to view your social media accounts. This can include all forms of social media, such as YouTube, Twitter, Discord, etc. There are a few exceptions listed below, but otherwise, media advertising is disallowed.

When is media advertising allowed?

Media advertising is allowed as long as it falls into one of these categories:
  • You are allowed to post threads advertising YouTube/Twitch videos and channels in the Youtube showcase section.
  • You are free to use Youtube in any other thread, as long as the thread isn't intended as a tool to advertise your video.
  • You are free to post your social media in your signature, in your introduction thread, or on your profile.
  • You are free to advertise Discord servers as long as you follow the guidelines listed below.

Where am I allowed to advertise my Discord server?

Whenever you are advertising a Discord server, the link must be contained within a spoiler and posted in the appropriate section.

There are a few different categories of servers, each with their own appropriate sections:
  • Game specific Discords should be advertised in the associated games section
  • General 4EveryOne Discords should be advertised in the Off Topic section
  • Guild Discords should be advertised in the associated guild thread

3) Public shaming is disallowed

What do we mean by public shaming?

Public shaming is the action of posting a thread, post, wall post, or modifying your accounts information in order to call out another user for actions that are commonly perceived as negative. This sort of content, as the name suggests, is commonly used to shame other users for the actions they have taken.

This can include:
  • Posting a report publicly
  • Linking to YouTube videos of negative behavior in your signature
  • Changing your username to call out, disrespect, or impersonate another user
  • Posting a thread that is publicly revealing negative behavior of other users

Why is public shaming disallowed?

Our rule surrounding public shaming exists for three major reasons.

The first of these reasons is to help with increasing the efficiency of punishing those who violate the rules. If we allowed users to publicly shame, many would choose to do so instead of opening a report through the appropriate channel (/report while in game). This would force us to dig through the forums to find reports that could have instead been collected into one place through the report commands.

Secondly, disallowing public shaming allows us to better standardize punishments and minimize vigilante justice. The punishment system is designed with a very specific hierarchy of punishments based on severity and account history. Public shaming will lead to some users trying to take punishments into their own hands though and harassing those that they believe to be rule breakers. This means that some users would end up receiving more punishment despite having the same punishment history.

Finally, public shaming is disallowed to try and create a more welcoming atmosphere on the forums. If a user joins and sees the forums flooded with users calling each other out, along with other related disrespectful behavior, they may not want to stick around or participate in the many positives the forums community has to offer.

4) Other disallowed and restricted thread types

Staff lists are disallowed

We disallow publicly posted staff lists since the 4EveryOne Network is designed in a way that does not force you to know a staff member’s name. For example, in-game reports should be sent through the command /report and forum reports should be sent through the report button at the end of the post you wish to report. If you have a question for a staff member, you can view online staff on the right side of the main forums page. As such, having a public staff list would just lead to incorrectly submitted reports and questions being sent to offline staff members.

Where should I send my feedback on the staff team?

Feedback on staff policy is allowed as long as it is posted in the Ideas and Feedback section. This is so that all feedback is posted in the same place, allowing us to more effectively review and act upon feedback. Any thread posted here must follow the other rules of the forums, as well as the guidelines surrounding rage posts.

Feedback on individual staff members should be submitted directly to the staff management team here. This allows the management to follow up directly with the staff members in question and resolve any concerns the community may have as quickly as possible.

Giveaway advertisement threads are disallowed

Giveaways and contests with in-game items, store items, or real life currency as a prize are not allowed on the forums. This is to protect our users from those who would try and abuse them with illegitimate or unfairly managed payouts.

Leaving/goodbye threads are disallowed

We disallow threads dedicated to announcing you are leaving or taking a break from the network. If you would like to let your friends know you are leaving, you should either contact them through direct messages or post about it on your forum profile wall.

These sort of threads are disallowed because:
  • Leaving threads are commonly used to get attention.
  • Leaving threads are commonly used to stir up drama.
  • There are better ways to alert your friends of your departure.

Religious and political discussion is disallowed

Due to the naturally divisive nature of politics and religious belief, we disallow all discussion threads on the topic. You are welcome to have reference to your religious views in your signature, but any discussion of such will be removed.

5) Avatar, signature, and username guidelines

What sort of avatars may I use?

We strongly encourage users to customize their avatar so that they reflect who they are. However, we do have a few rules surrounding what sort of avatars are allowed. Your avatar must not contain any of the below, as well as must follow all of our other network rules:
  • Impersonation of other people
  • Discriminatory imagery
  • Content that references adult topics
  • Advertising
  • References to self harm or other deeply negative personal experiences

What sort of signatures may I use?

As with avatars, signatures are an option allowing users to greatly customize their profile so that it reflects their personality. Signatures must adhere to all other rules of the network as well as:
  • Any sort of animated image or video must not be overly flashy as they could be potentially harmful to other users.
  • Videos must be contained within a spoiler.
  • Any sort of linked content (such as videos, gifs, images, etc) must also adhere to the rules of the network.
  • Links contained within the signature must not contain any sort of harmful content. This includes but is not limited to viruses, IP grabbers, or any sort of phishing.
  • Any sort of social media advertisement must adhere to the rules surrounding media advertisement.

What sort of username may I use?

Usernames on the forums follow the same guidelines as those for in game names, which can be found here.